Taking On a Dual Role As a Single Parent

Taking On a Dual Role As a Single Parent

Being a single parent is anything but easy. Depending on what the divorce settlement says, most of the responsibility usually falls on the parent who has custody. This parent has the tough job of being both a mother and father to their kids.

Parenting is stressful and it becomes exponentially harder for those who are doing it on their own. Single parents often experience parental burnout; they begin feeling detached from their kids and doubt their abilities.

If you’re a single parent who’s struggling, use these tips to help you out:

1. Get Organized and Be Flexible

Playing the role of both parents and working at the same time can get exhausting which is why it’s so important to get organized.

Use a calendar and create a to-do list at the beginning of every day to ensure you don’t miss any tasks. Getting organized will help you stay on top of things.

2. Find Work

For the average single-parent family in the US, the parent will have to get a job to make ends meet. Even if the alimony is enough, it’s better to get some kind of job to have balance in your life

Single parents need time away from their kids so they can focus on themselves. Many “family-friendly” employers offer single parents the flexibility to work from home and do limited hours.

3. Get Your Children Involved

Get Your Children Involved

You won’t feel so alone when you know your children are rooting for you. We’re living in stressful times; 13 million Americans have to work multiple jobs to manage their households.

Busy single parents need to get their children involved in household tasks and delegate duties to make their lives more manageable. Give your kids purpose and the opportunity to accomplish something. The more you encourage your kids to take up responsibilities, the easier your life will be.

4. Build A Network of Support

It’ll often feel like it, but you aren’t alone. As a single parent, you can use as many hands as you can. If your neighbor has kids in the same school, see if you can take turns dropping them off at school. Carpool swaps can buy you the extra time you need before you walk into a big meeting. Ask your parents to babysit your kids now and then so you enjoy some time off with your friends.

If you still feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, consider seeing a therapist near you.

Azizeh is a seasoned therapist based in Palo Alto. She offers anxiety counseling as well as family mediation. Her sessions can help single parents who’re struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression, and families who’re facing difficulty in handling the changes that are brought on by divorce.

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