A couple spending time on the beach to focus on improving their relationship.

What to Do If Your Relationship Has Lost the Spark

Every long-term relationship goes through times of closeness and distance, highs and lows, intimacy and separation. These are completely normal phases of a relationship that can occur due to lifestyle changes, workload, stress, or even broken trust. There can be times when you naturally gravitate towards each other and get back to being intimate, but sometimes the resentment can last longer than expected.

Every relationship requires hard work and consistent effort from both sides to achieve stability. If you feel your relationship has lost the spark, here are some things that can help rekindle the love and affection you share:  

  1. Keep Your Phones Away

In a technology-driven era, mobile phones have become an obstacle in most relationships. Everyone focuses on maintaining online connections and often forget the person sitting right next to them. Log out from all social media platforms, switch off your gadgets and focus on your partner. Compliment them, take them out for dinner, or just spend some quality time together at home.  

Seeing you glued to the phone while they’re talking to you can be frustrating and show that you don’t care. Make a ‘no phone’ rule whenever you both are together so that there’s more room for conversations, affection, and intimacy.

  • Try A Couple’s Activity

If you compare the way your relationship currently is to how it was in the past, you’ll realize that old times were more happening. However, with time, increased workload, and other responsibilities, we fell into a monotonous routine that’s difficult to get out of. This is when you begin to take your partner for granted and don’t value their presence in your life.

A great way to add excitement to your relationship is by trying something new together. Watch a new TV show, cook something for each other, take up a new hobby or enjoy a karaoke session.

A couple spending time together without their phones.
  • Plan A Staycation

Sometimes no matter what you try, you’ll still find your relationship boring. Plan a weekend with your partner at a nearby resort or even at home with the sole purpose of reconnecting.

Go through old albums, listen to some romantic songs, light candles and get intimate with each other. Keep work and other stressful topics away and focus on the love you both share.

  • Meet A Relationship Counselor

Some couples might need a third party who is trained and experienced to help them get through this phase. A professional counselor can guide you and your partner and sort out any issues. If you’re looking for a qualified marriage and family therapist, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us for sex and relationship counselingmarriage counseling, and various other counseling services in Palo Alto.

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