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What Happens When the Honeymoon Phase is Over: Some Tips To Liven Up A New Beginning!

Male depression is often related to failure in relationships. Before looking into family or relationship counseling, there are a few things to bear in mind! Many of us relate the idea of love to something we saw in a Disney film. Exciting, consistently rich and thick confessions (often verbal) of love, dramatic (in the moment) sacrifice, fierce unconditional commitment, constant mutual support if not utter coddling, and of course, the perfect setting, i.e. just when … Continue Reading

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Living with a Partner with Depression: How To Make It Easier

Simply complicated—that’s what depression is. Depression isn’t like a friendly dog that sticks to your side, no matter what. Neither is it a fragment of one’s imagination. It’s a complex shadow that looms over a person’s head one day, and completely takes over their mind and body the next. Even if the person is at their happiest, depression makes them feel sad, confused, frustrated, lonely and incredibly tough to handle. But more than anything, depression … Continue Reading

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Couples in Conflict – Why Your Communication Skills May Be a Problem

As naturally unrestrained creatures, we humans need efficient communication like a plant needs water. When we’re unable to break that barrier, we become frustrated, depressed and angry. What should be done to solve this issue? Confronting the Cause of Poor Communication According to a survey, poor communication is the number one reason why most couples split up. But it should be noted that in these cases, poor communication isn’t just about stonewalling the other person. … Continue Reading

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Shame, Grandiosity and Male Depression

Figures reported show that the prevalence of depression in women is twice as much as that in men. This is a major reason why male depression is often much less talked about. Do men not face depression at all? They do; they just hide it. Depression in men is covert. While women would weep and openly express helplessness, men are conditioned differently. In most societies around the world, men are raised to meet the parameters … Continue Reading


The Connection between Childhood Experiences and Adult Depression

As professional psychologists, we come across people suffering from some form of depression and/or anxiety on a routine basis. Whether it’s about relationship issues or problems at the workplace – the underlying cause in most cases of adult depression are connected with some form of adversity the patient faced in their childhood. When we talk to people involved in substance abuse, addicted to alcohol, or struggling with low self-esteem in adulthood, one thing is usually … Continue Reading