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Un-Break My Heart— When To Walk Away After Infidelity?

When it comes to normalizing and glorifying infidelity in American culture, media has certainly played a major role. The concept of side chicks and sugar babies has become part of every other TV show, movie, and music video. If someone has betrayed you, we know how catastrophic it must be to your self-esteem and mental health. Hence, we have come up with some signs that you should not ignore and walk away immediately. 

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Debunking 4 Myths and Stereotypes About Marriage Counseling

There’s always been a stigma attached to therapy and counseling. Most individuals consider it unnecessary to resolve their issues. Therefore, it prevents people from receiving professional help due to the fear of being shunned by society. However, multiple studies have proven the effectiveness of marriage counseling. Couples who participate in counseling report increased satisfaction and happiness in their marriage. With the advancement and mental awareness, people are seeing past the negative connotations and seeking professional help. … Continue Reading